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This website belongs to the Australian Wholesale Network and is a free service aimed at indexing wholesale suppliers from Australia or servicing the Australia, New Zealand region. All submissions are carefully revised to ensure that a true Wholesale Concept is embraced.

Australian Wholesale Network has been actively indexing Australian wholesalers and dropshippers For the past 15 years. Operating a number of websites designed at maximising our online presence, Australian Wholesale Network works in close collaborations with other international online wholesale/retail organisations as well as online business agencies.

Over the years Australian Wholesale Directory has become the most trusted directory of wholesalers conducting business within Australia as well as wholesalers of domestically manufactured goods marketed for international export.

This Site - www.wholesaledirectory.com.au (Australian Wholesale Directory) Has over the years undergone some significant upgrades to the website itself as well as the overall business structure.

Australian Wholesalers directory is now a fully featured advertising platform for wholesalers, manufacturers, importers and dropshippers who are able to expose their product offerings to thousands of potential resellers who visit our platform on a daily basis.


How many wholesalers are there in Australia?

The number of wholesalers operating in Australia or servicing our region differs with time. Since 2003 we have seen some quality wholesalers come and go, this is usually an indication of the economic conditions and the competitive market. With more and more individuals taking the plunge and importing larger quantities of goods from overseas, we see them offering their services as wholesalers to increase buying power. It is however safe to say that at any one time there are plenty of wholesalers available to fill any online merchants shopping cart.

As we fast forward to 2018, the number of wholesalers continues to grow inline with the booming e commerce sector.


What sort of deals do wholesalers provide ?

Australian wholesalers like any business need to cover their expenses that usually consist of Cost of Goods, Freight, Promotion and Marketing and of course their own profit margins. Most wholesalers offer compound discounting on their products. This simply means, the more you buy, the cheaper it is. With E-commerce being the most competitive of marketplaces, a discount of 12-50% is in line with expected online retail profits.


I am a wholesaler, how can this website help me?

Australian Wholesale Network is a collection of websites that link wholesalers and dropshippers to prospective resellers. Over the years, we have developed one of Australia's largest membership based indexes. Submitting your details to wholesaledirectory.com.au means that your website and/or business will be exposed to over 16,000 prospective resellers. If you can handle the orders, we can send them your way.


I'm starting a business, how can this website help me ?

This website is designed to index wholesale suppliers who are looking for prospective resellers of their merchandise. Our index offers wholesale contacts across all the major e-commerce categories.

Our directory is a great start for searching local suppliers who may be able to fulfill your retail supply needs. Simply browse the site and interact with the suppliers to link up and strike profitable business relationships.



Top Wholesale Suppliers

  • Shuck It!

    Unit 7/ 1214 Lytton Road
    Australia, QLD 4121

    Purveying the freshest and most appetising oysters available, harvested from local coastal destinations, Shuck It!

  • Alliz Trading

    76 Blue Ridge Drive
    VIC 3138

    Alliz Trading is a family owned business focused on the wholesale of unique giftwares – beautifully crafted crystal

  • Lushous Clothing Pty Ltd

    1743 Botany Rd
    NSW 2019

    Lushous Clothing Pty Ltd is an Australian wholesaler, importer and retailer of ladies fashion clothing.

  • Balin


    Balin is an Australian wholesaler and producer of surfer's hardware, clothing and accessories.

  • Edwards Imports

    28/19 Warehouse Road
    QLD 4215

    Edwards Imports is an Australian wholesaler and distributor of International Fashion Brands, supplying them to more than