Finding Reliable Dropshipping Wholesalers

Whenever you search for dropshippers, you're most likely to inevitably come across a huge number of them who are actually “fake”. The sad fact is that the legitimate ones are traditionally quite poor in the art of marketing and are harder to find. The end result is that in most of your online searches, its typically middlemen, and not genuine dropshipping wholesalers, who will appear more frequently. Therefore, there is need for you to be vigilant.



There are several strategies that you could employ. Here is an overview of the most popular:


Directly Contacting the Manufacturer 


This has proven to be one of the most effective methods of locating legitimate dropshipping wholesalers whether in Australia or globally. If you have identified the items or products you wish to deal with, call up the manufacturer and simply request for a list of their wholesale distributors. From there, it is easy to get in touch with those wholesalers to verify if indeed they undertake drop shipping and also inquire about their process of setting up an account with them.


Because the majority of wholesalers typically carry and dispense products coming from a broad range of manufacturers, this approach will make it possible for you to quickly assemble a good selection of products that fall under that specific niche you're thinking of entering. Upon making several calls to the manufacturers in your niche, it becomes easy to identify the top wholesalers in that particular market.


Find Dropwhip Wholesalers with Google Search


To use Google in locating high-quality Australian Dropshippers may appear obvious, yet there are several considerations worth remembering:


You must carry out extensive searches: As noted above, wholesalers are not too good or keen at online promotion and marketing. You are not likely to find them topping your Google search. What this implies is that you have to dig deep in order to locate them. Regrettably the ones who come up most are not real wholesalers but more of middlemen engaging in dropshipping. 


Don't judge by what the website looks like: Wholesalers’ websites are also known for being poorly designed and old fashioned. Many legitimate drop ship wholesalers got pathetic homepages, but that should not put you off. Dig deeper and be patient until you find what you are looking for!


In your search, use many modifiers: For the reason that wholesalers are not known for putting in extensive SEO efforts, make sure you go the extra mile in locating them. You may have to try a variety of search modifications before you land on a good one. Consider terms such supplier, distributor, warehouse, reseller, bulk or supplier.



Order from your Competitors


In case you are encountering challenges in locating a good dropshipping wholesaler, why not try other old trade tricks? Find a competitor you think is an Australian dropshipping company and then place a relatively small order with them. Once you receive the package, proceed to carry out a Google search on their return address to dig out who the actual original drop shipper was. During the process, you will discover that it is a supplier that you can easily contact.


Attending Some Trade Shows


Trade shows will allow you to get connected with most of the leading manufacturers and wholesalers working in the niche you are interested in. This is an excellent strategy of making contacts and researching your items/products plus the suppliers in a single setting. However, this will only work for you if you have already selected or identified your product or niche. Otherwise you will be hoping to all trade events in Australia! It is however one of the most recommended methods by those who have excelled in the drop shipping business.


Make Use Of Directories


As an aspiring ecommerce entrepreneur, you may question the value of investing or paying for a for a wholesaler or supplier directory. Most Australian directories employ a variety of screening processes towards ensuring that the suppliers they have listed on their directory are genuine Australian drop shipping wholesalers. Majority of these directories are managed by for-profit outfits that charge some fee for you to access their valuable directory. The good ones however, reinvest those profits into improving the database of wholesalers/dropshippers and even developing useful tools to educate and to better the overal user experience.


Directories make convenient methods of quickly searching and getting to know a large number of drop shipping wholesalers or suppliers in Australia or globally in a single location. They are excellent for ideas brainstorming, especially when looking for your niche or products to deal in. They are particularly useful when you don’t have much time on your hands and are ready to invest some money in that direction. If you really want to stand out from the competiotion and delve into the sourcing deeper by seeking international dropshippers to supply goods for your local market, we highly recommend that you sign up to the SaleHoo Directory which has been the industry's largest and most complete directory of dropshippers for many years. 


Final Verdict


Drop shipping is a fast-growing and exciting industry, which many are finding to be very profitable. Were this not a fact, there wouldn’t be so many large and well established retailers engaging in drop shipping or integrating it into their ecommerce strategies. With the above ideas and guides, you cannot be left behind in this growing and lucrative service industry.